Plan Your Journey

Photography by Kat Lange

Photography by Kat Lange

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Lao-tzo – Chinese philosopher

You might wonder why we here @ Think Kings Creative Studio share a bit of our creative side… Well the way I see it is, we went to be a part of the creative conversation. Art can come from so many different places, is rich in diversity but it unites us in a way. We are realizing that as creatives, we are just specks in the beautiful universe of awesomeness; and as we create we are adding our marks one design, story, photo, painting, collage or illustration at a time. So if Think Kings can spark just one imagination, just one person thinks out of the box, or they have fun and get messy with a craft, then it’s all worth it. So come along with us on our creative journey. Join the conversation in our attempts to Create a Better Reality.

The reason I talk so passionately about our little creative studio is because my fellow creative nerds, Perry & Q, help to keep me inspired, and creatively accountable. The other way for me to stay on top of my game is to STAY ORGANIZED. I am a ‘B’ average student in the Organization of Life 101 class.  It is seriously a challenge to keep good habits but I try to stay positive and keep moving forward.  One of my creative GOALS is to keep myself on track because I tend to have what I like to call Art ADHD.  What I mean by this, is my attention on one particular project is inconsistent because of my excitement over the next project, which lessens my productivity and amplifies my frustrations over unfinished work. I have to PRUNE my project list, SET GOALS, and make healthy HABITS in order to proceed SUCCESSFULLY in the right direction of my creative journey.  So with that said please allow me to share with you my short term goal because I am trying to stay focused on the now and not bite off more than I can Choo Choo – as I chug along, chanting “I think I can, I think I can!” (Get it?!).

BOOK:  I already have a children’s story written, my biggest challenge now is to create the illustrations.

BLOG:  I am in love with blogging and sharing a bit of myself with the creative community.  It’s a confidence builder for sure and oh so fun.  So my goal is to get more organized with my weekly posts so I can use my time wisely.  KAT LANGE DESIGNS blog

FREELANCE @ Kat Lange Designs:  I love interacting with new clients and networking as a freelancer.  This also gives me the freedom that I am fully grateful for at the moment.  I am so blessed.  I soon will be looking for full time employment because lets face it, mama has to bring home the bacon.  So (shameless plug) if anyone hears of anything or would like to hire me as a freelancer, please contact me HERE.

SHOPPE:  Have any of you heard of or or or  I always knew you could go and create your own products and buy things on these sites but I never knew that you can have your own shoppe.  They do everything for you, printing/assembling, shipping, customer service and they even send you a monthly check of your royalties.  So my goal is to create a fancy dancy little shoppe with custom created pieces by yours truly… by mid November so I can catch the Christmas season.  Fingers crossed… I am pretty excited about this actually.

ARTWORK:  I have always wanted to create my own art for my home decor but have put it on the back burner for a while.  I want to add color and personality to these bland walls, especially in my desk area.  Painting and crafting with my kids and seeing their little eyes light up with awe when their art is on display is an amazing feeling, so stay tuned for art wall pictures.

My challenge for y’all is to set your own creative goals.  Pick things that are going to get you moving in the right direction.  They don’t have to be detailed but you gotta start somewhere.  Good luck and remember that you are in charge of your destiny, make it prosperous, happy, and meaningful.

Thanks for reading…

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